Exchange program launched by NEW NOW art space in 2018. Originated from a desire to encourage a sustainable exchange between artist-run initiatives or other  forms of organization, within the global contemporary art landscape.

Our purpose is to create links, conversations and meaningful exchange that support an alternative approach to the overgrowing monopoly within the present arts’ scene. It facilitates a mutually beneficial agreement between two art spaces, each organizing an exhibition on the other’s space, without rental costs.

This program works through a perpetual open call, in which NEW NOW art space Frankfurt opens its doors, offering to host relevant exhibition proposals initiated by similar entities from abroad, in exchange for a similar offering.

This open call is to consider only relevant projects, addressed exclusively to artist-run spaces, collective initiatives or galleries’ representatives, and is not meant for individual artists.

The guidelines will be optimized particularly to each collaboration. Therefore, we encourage all representatives to send us an email with their intention and web page. We promise to get back as soon as possible.

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Things Change, solo show, between 09.Mar. – 23.Mar. @ Bistro 21 / Leipzig.

Featuring works by Gabriel Stoian.

This exhibition is part of the Belvedere program.


Regards from the Aral Sea, solo show, between 9.Aug. – 8.Sept. @ CAMERA / Cluj.

Featuring works by Gabriel Stoian.

This exhibition is part of the Belvedere program.

How does one describe a journey to a place he has never been?
The artist, as a man of the world, oscillates between fiction and reality; sometimes, in order to create, he blurs the line in between. Therefore, it is fair to say that from time to time he can travel without locomotion, only by using his imagination. As it happens in these journeys, aside from beautiful gardens we also visit dark places. Not so long ago Voltaire ended his book “Candide” with a sour advice: acknowledging that if this is the best of all possible worlds we had better cultivate our gardens. What happens when we stop doing that? – The answer to that question is precisely what this project is about. Agreeing with Voltaire, as I come back from a dark place in my life, I collected a few of my thought and made them the pieces of this show. As instant photographs, these works serve as never expedited postcards, kept hidden in a travel journal. In connection with the title, Regards from the Aral Sea marks a tragic ongoing phenomenon from which humanity has to recover. The shrinking of the Aral Sea has been called “one of the planet’s worst environmental disasters”. The region’s once-prosperous fishing industry has been essentially destroyed, bringing unemployment and economic hardship.
Gabriel Stoian, 2018.